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The fourth work in the widely acclaimed laugh out loud Trash n' Treasures series by the husband and wife writing team New York Times bestselling author Max Allan Collins and mystery writer Barbara CollinsSpring has sprung a major leak in far from serene Serenity as the Mississippi River drops in for an extended stay With homes and businesses flooded how better to help the town recover than by staging a church bazaar?Brandy Borne knows her mother Vivian's plan however is likely to lean towards Bizarre especially when she hears Mother wheedle a reclusive Russian heiress into donating the last Faberge egg ever created When the winning bidder turns up mortally scrambled Brandy and Mother cook up a plan to crack the case of this killerwho is one seriously bad egg

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    This fourth entry in the series has our detective duo organizing a charity Bazaar to raise funds for flood victims One of the items up for auction will be a faberge egg owned by a Russian lady Of course she dies the egg disappears and other start dying too Our heroines have to solve the murderPretty good stuff even though Vivian only gets one chapter this time