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In This Collection OfRiotously Funny And Outrageously Honest True Life Tales, Author Joni B Cole Manage To Mingle Low Moments With High Comedy And Social Awkwardness With Social Observation The Title Essay Was Inspired When The Author Went To The Bookstore And Noticed All The Best Sellers About Adorably Naughty Dogs At First Resentful Of These Other Writers Successes Unfortunately, My Own Career As An Author Had Not Been Going So Well These Past Couple Years, Not Since I D Discovered The Watch Instantly Option On Netflix , Cole Eventually Realized She Had Her Own Bad Dog Story To Exploit Hers In The Form Of Her Adorable Chihuahua Bat , Who Won T Be Contained By Invisible Fencing And Won T Let Anyone Pet The Family Cat In Peace Yet From This Huffish Beginning Evolved A Tale As Heartwarming As It Is Hilarious Self Aware, Edgy, And Masterfully Crafted, This Charismatic Collection Including Some Heartbreakers Is For Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Over Attached To A Pet, Stalked Her High School Crush, Said Long Goodbyes To Loved Ones, Or Tried To Talk And Talk And Talk Her Way Through The Ups And Downs Of Life A Wonderful New Addition To A Genre Best Described As Humor That Matters I had found myself up, thinking about all the ways my husband and I weren t best friends how we had nothing in common children don t count , and how we were going to end up in just a few short years like so many other empty nesters who look at each other across the middle cushion of their corduroy couch and think, Wow What now Why am I with this person I hate corduroy my eight year old daughterasked me if she could have an end of summer party I want it to be a water party, my daughter said Over the next couple weeks, my daughter winnowed down her guest list to six best friends and we loaded up on squirt guns and other water party supplies The morning of the event, she came downstairs already dressed in her bikini, and handed me a piece of a paper At the top she d printed Mommy s Dos and Don ts What s this I asked It s a list, she explained, so you know how to act at the party These are just two of the many fears and crises faced by the author as she, as well as her family, move on into the world of getting older While reading I couldn t help but remember some of these very incidents in my own life The story The Boy of Summer reminded me of the boy who occupied, maybe not my time but my mind during my summer at age 13 Joni s story A Few Minutes of My Time reminded me that I m computer blonde so when people talk to me about anything technical I have to ask that they speak English and not computerish And believe it or not but we all go through Identity Theft It happens every year on December 31st when we make our New Year s resolutions We spot someone and decide we want to look, act and be that person So we proceed to try our best to steal their identity for ourselves.The stories included in Another Bad Dog Book bring the reader both laughter and recognition I have to recommend this book for both women and men If you re a woman I feel you will be able to relate to most of the events and feelings that take place as the author goes through her midlife crisis If you re a man, this book can be a great tool in helping you understand why the women in your life have taken on a personality that is totally different from the one you fell in love with Believe me, male or female, you can t help but love this book. I was sent a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.I was sure what to expect from this book, but the blurb sounded funny and I agreed to read it It s by no way my usual book, but I ve found my tastes have been expanding lately and so I settled down to enjoy.This book is 28 short essays about life experiences From the adoption of a naughty puppy, to kids birthdays, to business talks Cole has a great mix of humour and story telling.Each of the 28 essays are quite short so it is easy to dip in and out of, but I did read it in fairly large chunks I had to read it mostly in my lunch breaks at work, but I found this worked really well with the style the only problem was I kept laughing which would make me choke on my lunch or spit out my drink, it wasn t a pretty sight lolMy favourite episodes were the Birthday Party, the fake tan and the psycological debate of zodiac signs using word association You re interested now, aren t you It s not all laughs though and there are somesensitive issues that will make you think and want to hug the ones you love This book offers a great mix and was a great way to spend my lunch time.The dog Eli isn t as present as much as I thought he would be from the title, but when he did feature I wanted to hug him, he sounded so cute, I love dogs although I have 4 cats and Eli was a great comfort to Joni you could tell he was someone she could turn to. What a fantastic book full of humor, sadness, love and life This not a book about dogs there is one chapter about a dog but a memoir that takes us through a journey of situations in life that we all may have encountered but never took the time to write them down The author was genuine and wrote from her heart There were many chapters that I enjoyed but two of my favorites was 1 Tween a Rock and a Heart Place The author describes her relationship with her daughter and how she copes with living with a tween Boy can I relate with the author I have teenage twins who have done the crazy stunts that she mentioned in the essay The way she presented the topic was humorous and so very true.2 A Few Minutes of My Time Have you ever had trouble with your laptop and had to call for support The author wrote about her conversation with a foreign support tech and how frustrating the conversation was I have had to call for tech support numerous times and I have felt the same way she had.This is a great book to give as a gift to anyone who wants to take a break from the everyday life and laugh a bit So go out and get your self a copy You will not be disappointed Reviewed by Eileen Melissa s Mom