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Top Ten Reasons Samantha Madison Is In Deep Trouble Her Big Sister Is The Most Popular Girl In School Her Little Sister Is A Certified Genius She S In Love With Her Big Sister S Boyfriend She Got Caught Selling Celebrity Portraits In School And Now She S Being Forced To Take Art Classes She S Just Saved The President Of The United States From An Assassination Attempt So The Whole World Thinks She Is A Hero Even Though Sam Knows She Is Far, Far From Being A Hero And Now She S Been Appointed Teen Ambassador To The UNAnd The Number One Reason Sam S Life Is Over The President S Son Just Might Be In Love With Her Samantha Madison was an ordinary teenager who has a great talent for drawing, but she has a weird habit is that she only wears black no matter what Comparing to her two extraordinary sisters she is always the one who is being left out and forgot, but I guess she was satisfied with her life now Samantha s older sister named Lucy and she is one of the most beautiful and popular girl in her high school Her younger sister is also remarkable because she is a genius who attend some special school for people who are highly intelligent Samantha s life is always peaceful and normal until she was forced by her mother to attend some drawing lessons which she absolutely hates them for the punishment of her dropping her grades in German class Because of her suddenly decided to skip a lesson on drawing class in a rainy day, she ends up jumping a freaky guy who was trying to assassinate the president and save the president s life All of a sudden, Samantha Madison becomes a national hero.By the coincidence, Samantha was attending the same art lesson as the president s son who is very cute but geeky and he falls in love with her But Samantha couldn t accept him because she was in love with someone else who she couldn t tell anybody.This book is a great teenager drama book which I personally enjoyed reading it so much As for the sudden change of her life, she can not be herself again because her peers and people in the nation look up on her and was holding a high expectations on her which she has never experience before and she was not sure about she should be doing what she want to do while her sense tell her to do the other Try hard to keep up the expectation of the others is a good thing, but try not to push yourself too far because there is a limit on how far you could go and if you go past that limit you might get a negative effect instead and you might not always know what you have to gave up. This is a good book if you re just looking for a quick read on vacation or a weekend Not too intellectually stimulating but, like many of Meg Cabot s books, a good day dream. Top Ten Reasons WHY You Should Read This Book 10 It s by Meg Cabot, the brilliant woman behind The Mediator Series, The Princess Diaries and other stuffish 9 It s a nice break from all those SUPER SERIOUS SMART BOOKS you read and, let s face it, you need a break and some good chick lit I mean, it s great to constantly improve your mind with salad and oatmeal, but in between a good candy bar is tasty.8 The narrator is awesome, awkward and a total dork.7 It s completely unbelievable and yet believable A girl saves the president from an assassination attempt Go high school girls 6 There are hot boys 5 There s a hair stealing raven named Joe 4 The girl, like every girl should, has a dog named Manet it was originally Monet, like the artist, but the dog behaviorist said it sounded too negative thus, Manet 3 You ll understand why I made a list 2 Did I mention how likable the narrator is Well, it needs to be mentioned again because if you were EVER a high school girl, you can totally relate 1 Because frisson is what makes a book fun I love this book I read it when I was in the fifth grade and when I reread it now it brings back so many old memories, good and bad I remember back in fifth grade I had like the biggest crush on these 2 guys who shall remain nameless and I just wouldn t shut up about it Honestly I m a bit shocked I got through the fifth grade without getting strangled by my friends at least once I talked about these 2 guys so much that I started code naming them Jack and David from the character in All American Girl I mean, it was crazy because I d be like Did you know that Jack looked back at me on math and my friend would be like OK which one is jack again Thinking back about it, I just want to scream I led such an embarrassing life when I was little But it wasn t all crazy and horrible, this book actually made me a whole lot braver I actually got the guts to give one of my crush chocolate on valentines day so I kinda gave everyone chocolates to cover my tracks but his was the biggest I tried my best to be subtle about it, okay I really did Don t laugh at me because I was like OK if Sam can finally be brave enough to face David at the art class and she ended up with him then so can i so I literally threw a huge pack of Toblerone at Jack and I was like Here and he looked positively scared because we ve never even talked before and Jack was like Whoa This is for me and I said Yeah then he said Thanks and at the end of the day I heard he started dating a senior and I cried then I swore off boys forever The end.I could relate to Sam because she is a middle child and so am i Her sister is super popular and so was my sister We re both treated like we re invisible and there s nothing special about us except the fact that we both just really really love art I literally acted like Sam the weird artistic girl who cares about stuff no one bothered to care about and I even started comparing everyone I knew in real life to the characters from this book That s how much I loved it I even quoted words from it and spoke like the way the characters in this book did I read this book at least twice every month and everytime my Mom caught me reading it she would roll her eyes and made a rude comment about me not having a life Everytime we travelled I d bring this book, Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen and Philip Pullman s The Golden Compass with me Trust me, those 3 books are the most battered looking book I own and I m not the kind of person who would treat my books with disrespect I just loved those 3 books so much that they re almost always with me like a rag doll or something, I even dared to write my name at the first page of those books with glittered pen, curlicues and all Now I can t say that this book is the best book I ve ever read or to say that this book is even better than so and so but it has sentimental value and it was one of the very first books I ve read so it left such a great impression on me and that matters to me so 5 5 through and through, forever and always for this one no matter how much embarrassing shit it has put me through.