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Master linguistics with A COURSE IN PHONETICS with accompanying CD ROM The hallmark text for the study of linguistics A COURSE IN PHONETICS provides a broad overview of the branches of phonetics for students with no prior knowledge Practicing what you have learned is easy with the CD ROM that contains than 4000 audio files including recordings of speech from southern and northern US cities London Edinburgh Dublin New Zealand other forms of English and scores of other languages

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    Ladefoged's A Course in Phonetics is one of the most well known and best phonetics books around It is an excellent volume covering just about every element one must know to have a solid base in phonetics The breakdown favors native English speakers and American ones in the US edition at least first providing a clear description of the phonetics of English including prosodic features consonants and vowels before moving on to all other sound systems It is fantastically complete given the sizeOne of the strengths of the volume lies in the insightful walkthroughs on producing some of the difficult sounds using such hints as how to determine which method of articulation one uses to produce the American English R To determine whether one bunch the tongue or curl the tip up carefully insert a toothpick between one's teeth and judging by the point of contact on the surface or bottom of the tongue it is easy to figure out Other techniques such as sucking in air to feel exposed areas for laterals all provide extremely helpful ways of both identifying and articulating nearly all sounds Further each chapter end includes a bevvy of performance exercises one can use to practice and alternate between sounds getting down the rhythm of expressionOne of the only real weaknesses to the volume is in the CD portion While immensely helpful the CD was not updated between the 5th and 6th edition even though it has 6th printed on it The exercises on the CD therefore do not match those in the book yet it is really only a different order so still usable On that point I really noticed no differences between the 5th and 6th edition other than the exercises which pisses me off to the classic tune of the publisher's release of a new edition for no legitimate reason Especially given this book is expensive as sin I paid around 120 for a new editionThose bureaucratic complaints aside this book is the best there is currently for phonetics from of the most important people to have worked in the field The illustrations and charts are extremely helpful for driving home points the aforementioned descriptions are useful and the glossary in the end is excellent If you want to study some phonetics get this

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    Generally the structure of this book is as same as those desighned 2 teach a special course proprely Phonetics is concered with describing the speech sounds which occur in all lgs spoken in the world It begins by explaining how speech sounds r made in 1st chapter finally considers utterances in a lg that can be taken in2 account both speaker`s point of view listener`s in last 11ce I decided 2 start studying Phonetics thorough Ladefoged view surely it is the best spot 2

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    Probably in my personal TOP 5 introductions of university readings Written in an approachable way it excellent for complete beginners who are dealing with Phonetics for the first timeOn the edition I can only say that its format is passable to an everyday bag approximately 10'' laptop and light to carry around with youIt is definitely worth every penny and I am grateful the library has several copies of them to enjoy for a month